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Media Coverage of the Worlds of Flavor Conference

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"Worlds of Flavor is the smartest food conference out there."

—James Oseland, Editor in Chief, Saveur

“Culinary conferences have become commonplace, but all too often they're predictable, make-do-with-what-we-have affairs that offer little illumination or inspiration. The CIA's pioneering Worlds of Flavor conferences are a different thing altogether: professional, comprehensive, and above all illuminating and inspiring. The 2006 Worlds of Flavor Spain conference remains the single best culinary event I've ever attended; all the right people were there, traditional and contemporary, from every corner of Spain, and I'm convinced that the explosion of interest in Spanish cooking that started rocking America shortly after the event was ignited at that lively and delicious convocation.”

—Colman Andrews, Editorial Director,

“Each November at this exclusive food conference, the CIA campus fills with literal taste makers: internationally renowned chefs cook bite-size dishes while American restaurateurs take notes on the latest trends and corporate food consultants seek the next flavor to capture the public’s imagination.”

The New York Times, November 12, 2011

“Inspirational. 11 on a 10-point scale. Fabulous beyond belief. This extravaganza has become a hot ticket as word of its previous in-depth explorations has spread. Worlds of Flavor is a massive undertaking, the biggest and most intense of all CIA conferences. The buzz is terrific and the learning curve steep and exciting.”

Food Arts

“Worlds of Flavor is a terrific venue for networking with luminaries in the food world as they drill deeply into a culinary topic that will be of interest to trend watchers and culinary professionals of all stripes.”

—Bret Thorn, Senior Food Editor, Nation's Restaurant News

"The Worlds of Flavor conferences are truly the most epic and inspirational food experiences. Yes, they're educational, but for anyone who cares deeply about food and what it means to this world—they're emotional. I will always remember the first conference I attended, which was on Latin America. Rick Bayless called to the podium a man who had been flown up from the Yucatan to bury and roast a pig on the grounds of the CIA in order to make a traditional cochinita pibil. He had never been outside of his village, from what I understand, and when he walked up in front of all those people to accept our applause, he started to weep. And so did I, and I think everyone there."

—Sara Deseran, Food Editor, San Francisco Magazine

“Each of these annual events I've attended has been illuminating. But this one was especially so. Everyone I talked with said the same thing: The Arc of Flavor was the prefect combination of delicious and instructive with a strong intellectual through line connecting all of the sessions and demonstrations. Bravo to the CIA!”

—Corie Brown, General Manager,

"As always, the food extravaganza known as Worlds of Flavor was a first-rate phenom! Food, content and presenters were world class; [Worlds of Flavor] truly is the industry's best conference. Nothing else is even in the same zip code."

 —Patricia Dailey, CEO, Dailey Endeavors; former editor-in-chief, Restaurants & Institutions

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